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Many of our CASK individuals have benefited from the intensive therapy model; high frequency, longer and consecutive days at the therapy, with a few weeks or months of a break after.


To hear about the experience of different intensive therapy approaches, check out our podcast episode with CASK mama Stefanie Trask.

An extensive list of resources, including intensive therapies

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Search here for an extensive list of intensive therapies

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Additional Intensive Therapies

Below are additional therapy centers our CASK families have found helpful, not listed in the resources above. 

As always, please check with your doctor to be sure these therapies are suitable for your loved one; PC does not recommend or endorse these resources.

Thornhill/Vaughan, Burlington 

Ontario, Canada

Greater Sarasota Area, Florida

United States

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Islandia, New York

United States

Cary, North Carolina

United States

Southlake, Texas

United States

Fralin Biomedical Research Institute at Virginia Tech

Roanoke, Virginia

United States

Georgia + Louisiana + Texas

United States

Utah + Pennsylvania

United States

Global locations

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Global locations

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